Angelino Plum, Date & Raisin with Turkey

The Fedo Family (Al, Fran, Andrea & Bonita) always loved turkey leftovers.  We couldn’t wait for the Thanksgiving turkey and we couldn’t wait for those turkey sandwiches in our lunches and hot turkey sandwiches when the turkey was witling down.  And of course, turkey hash or turkey pinwheels were enjoyed in those waning days when our Thanksgiving feast was just a special memory and our Christmas feast was still a few weeks to come.

Here are a few simple suggestions for pairing La Bonita California’s Angelino Plum, Date & Raisin Conserve with the turkey in your life:

Turkey and Plum Spread

  • Chop enough turkey pieces (we like turkey breast for this) for 3 or 4 sandwiches--about 2 cups chopped. You can grind or shred the turkey, if you prefer.
  • Add one 9-ounce jar of Angelino Plum, Date & Raisin Conserve, more or less to desired spreadability.

For a little crunch, we also mix in about 3/4-cup chopped celery, when we have it on hand.

Spread this over your favorite sandwich bread, add lettuce and enjoy Angelino Plum and Turkey spread. Our assistant, Eloise, says she likes to use this mixture in a wrap-flour tortillas or Pita pockets. Finely chopped, this mixture makes a nice spread over endive spears, small Romaine lettuce leaves, or crackers.  This makes a nice holiday canepe offering.

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Turkey and Plum Sandwiches

  • Choose your bread, mayo or no, layer on slices of turkey, and then add a generous layer of Angelino Plum, Date & Raisin Conserve.
  • Finish with spring greens or whatever lettuces you have on hand—now enjoy!

This is a classic sandwich, minus the cranberry sauce that many enjoy-- Angelino Plum, Date & Raisin Conserve brings a subtle sweet-tart change to a familiar after-the-feast-is-over favorite.  And if you prefer your turkey sandwiches plain, try our conserve on the side—it makes a very appealing side dish for the main course, and hot or cold turkey sandwiches.

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