Fran's 1941 Apricot Magic

Apricot Fruit Sauce and Spread

Fran’s 1941 Apricot Magic is made from California grown Blenheim apricots.  We know that you know how short the season and how rare the variety that is the Blenheim.  We add just the right amount of pure cane sugar for a sweet and tangy taste.  Many people have fond memories of mom and grandma simmering a pot of apricots for hours, the house filling with the delicious aroma of this wonderful fruit.  These same folks have told us that La Bonita California’s Fran’s 1941 Apricot Magic is the best they have ever tasted.  So, now it’s your turn to try the best. Use it either as sweet or savory, hot or cold.  Visit our cookbook for a variety of suggestions.