Hot Lime Kiss Salsa

Lime Salsa, Marinade, & Dressing

This is salsa plus! La Bonita California has created Hot Lime Kiss Salsa to highlight the naturally spirited flavor of California limes.  We call it Hot Lime Kiss –like our regular Lime Kiss, it makes you pucker!  And you get a little bite with that kiss of lime.  That’s what makes it hot!  If you love zesty California limes, with a touch of Passilla chiles, onion, and cilantro to complete the bouquet, you will love our version of lime salsa.  Try it first as a ready-to-eat salsa.  And notch up the wow factor by pouring a jar of Hot Lime Salsa over a block of cream cheese.  Serve with fresh tortilla chips—there you go!  Instant party!   This is a multi-purpose salsa for lime lovers!  Click on Cookbook for other serving ideas.